Inclusive excellence is our mission.

DEIA Trailblazer

Increased the inclusion of 25 international executives at a 500-person organization, which boosted success by 30% and strengthened partnerships with 20 nations


Reduction in onboarding delays 


Years as a racial justice expert


Design lead for inclusive facilities

Our Services

Audits of product/service design, talent management, employee engagement, systems, policies, & practices

Facilitation of focus groups & climate surveys to measure sentiments of inclusion

Identification of opportunities for integrating DEIA into systems, policies, & practices

Development of SMART action plans that promote ownership & accountability

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“No matter who you are, I aim to create environments where everyone can feel a deep sense of belonging. Systems of power, privilege, and oppression make it far too easy to chain ourselves to self-limiting beliefs. But by creating inclusive cultures, we can break free of our chains and rise to new heights.”

Elizabeth Garza-Guidara
CEO & Founder of Inclusiio Consulting LLC

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